Hello, This is Where the Fun Begins

This space is where you can find out more information about what is going on in our classes, QISS, and in the world of Physical Education.

Feel free to browse the site to find out any kinds of information about fitness, living healthy, my classes, or my family!

Outstanding Performers for September

 The students who perform beyond expectations for the month will be acknowledged here every month.

Check back at the end of the month for the Superstars of that month. 

Challenge of the Month

The Challenge for October

20 Laps around the Gym without walking

Every Month I will highlight a different exercise that exemplifies physical fitness. The student can meet with me outside of the class, and show their fitness. For all the students who perform the task, they will earn a certificate. the students with the most certificates at the end of the semester will be eligible to have their name entered into a drawing. Those prizes will range from lunch with the teacher, to preferred choices/free day in PE class, among others.